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Florian Kelm, Aaron Alexander, Daniel Ruczko, Kenneth Miller & Jonathan Cook

Polluting minds

Mind Pollution Pictures is a film production company founded by the german director Daniel Ruczko and Florian Kelm.

Where the entire production process is being handled by Daniel (writing, directing, cinematography, sound design, composing and visual FX) and Florian (editing & color grading) in house.

So far they have only released short films under that name but are currently working on the first feature films.

Founded in 2013 with the focus on psychological themes Mind Pollution Pictures quickly gains success by winning over sixty awards at international film festivals for their short films as well as screenings at the short film corner at the Festival De Cannes three years in a row.

The Team

Jonathan Cook was involved from day one, when he narrated the trailers for "Bipolar - A Narration of Manic Depression", he then later also got involved in the production side of things.

Aaron Alexander joined the team after working with Daniel on his short film "Opal", which was written by Aaron and directed together by him and Daniel. Aaron is now very active as a writer, director and producer.

Kenny Miller came on board after acting in "Wake Up!", but besides acting he is now also active as a producer.

Florian Kelm, Jodi Lynn Thomas & Daniel Ruczko

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